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10 (major) HERESIES for the INNOVATOR

MAX5HERESY (definition by TRECCANI encyclopedia)

1. Doctrine that opposes a revealed truth that is offered as such by the Catholic Church and, by extension, opposes the theology of any church or religious system, considered as orthodox.

2. Idea or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

Since an “enterprise theology” also exists, we will try, as Galileo,  to debunk some myths, hoping that we will not be obliged to recant before the Holy Office.

Some heresies are more heretical than others and this is why innovators make the difference. Warning: continue reading only if you want to change the way you do business.


Why does a firm exists?

Profit is important but not everything.

Can industry set itself purposes? Are these only within the realm of profits?

Beyond the visible pace, isn’t there something more fascinating, a destination, a vocation in the life of a factory?
Adriano Olivetti – Speaking to employees in Pozzuoli 1955

No business can be successful in the long run if its main goal is profit.
Ricardo Semler

HERESY no. 2

A firm’s priorities:


HERESY no. 3

A successful company pursues INNOVATION and EFFICIENCY at the same time.

HERESY no. 4

Innovation and improvement are the main task for everybody: from the one at the top to the one at the bottom. The one at the top should set the example for the others, otherwise why would he/she be number 1?

Well yes, also the people from administration, sales and IT should take part in innovation and improvement processes.

HERESY no. 5

Innovation and improvement can only exist alongside the principle of “Respect for People” and in a collaborative, open and helpful environment.
HERESY no. 6

Work plan for the entrepreneur and the top management in order to put the “heresies” into practice:

build the culture (a new way of doing things);
build people (training and education are equally important, if not more, than investing in machinery, plant and equipment);
build a new leadership model.

HERESY no. 7

Basic good management principles for an innovative enterprise:

develop areas and time free from fear;
simple is better than complicated;
create, transmit and grow confidence both inside and outside the company. This is one of the priorities for the entrepreneur and the top management.
yes to speed, no to frenzy;
yes to intensity and concentration, no to scattered and variable targets;
yes to harmony and respect, no to agitation and suspicion.

HERESY no. 8

Employees should be aware that freedom and autonomy only exist in conjunction with the principle of accountability.

HERESY no. 9

A firm’s growth and development process is similar to the process for designing and developing a new idea for a product or service. The diagrams/models of business schools and consultants do not work.

HERESY no. 10

Innovators THINK AND ACT differently.

Impossible? No. Just very hard.

It can be done.

The secret ingredients: courage, persistence and vision.
Have a good week



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